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Romans 12v2: "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."





The Artist-In-Chief at TYG Publishing is the author JSS Hopewell who is also the writer of the Soul Coversation series of books. He grew up as a very artistic & talented child. He was born gifted with the ability to sketch, draw and paint. He is also a poet & a minister.

He paricularly began sketching actively in 1990 following a sketch he made of his wife Jannet whilst she was watching a film on television titled 'Sabu The Elephant boy'. His wife was very surprised at seeing how perfectly he had sketched her unaware. She began encouraging her husband to start sketching actively again.

In latter years the artist grew dissattisfied with the selection of greetingcards he saw on the market which were so generic and hardly expressed the things he wanted to say to his beloved wife Jannet or to his loved ones.

So, in fustration, he began designing & making his own greeting cards for his wife & loved ones. That gave birth to the collection of greeting card series you see on the market today.

His commitment was further motivated by the need to look after his wife who was wheelchair bound at the time and was in the wheelchair for fifteen years until she was miraculously healed in April, 2005. The artist spent endless hours in those years designing the cards for his wife to whom he dedicated all his work. She remains his inpsiration even today.

Meaning of TYG?

The TYG initials stands for 'THANK YOU GOD!' The author and his wife gave the company this name in open gratitude to God Amighty who gifts all men with creative talents & abilities and who has done so much in their lives to be grateful for. By the grace of God, two of their children are also contributing artists to the TYG cards collection.

The TYG Publishing company was birthed to help distribute these popular range of greeting cards far and wide. Many people are used to buying them for the last ten years from GCU, but they are now directly available from us at TYG Publishing directly & shipping is always FREE.

The current available range of card collections include but is not limited to theL Froggy series, Ducky series, Fishy series, Clown series & Collection, The Hands series, Nostalgia series, Abstract Art series, The Esther series and many others. Book publishing service is another service we galdly provide to a selection of authors at TYG publishing. Click on the publishing link for more details.

The various characters featured on our greeting cards are also avaialable in a limited range of merchandise that are suitable for adults as well as young children and babies.

Type of company:

TYG Publishing is a Christian company. Therefore, Christian worldview, themes, language & ethic are reflected in our work.

TYG Card Collection

Our range are thoughtfully created to be different, encouraging, heart warming and aimed at bringing joy to the givers and receivers alike. All our customers matter to us, even as we aim to please God daily.

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Email: cards@tygcards.com

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